Modular Extensions

Modular SIP Extensions

SIP panel construction is the new & improved way of building, we have worked with our partners to create a more cost & energy efficient way to provide high quality extensions. There is now no need for a digger destroying your garden or pouring foundations. No more loading your garden or driveway with materials or having builders in your home for weeks on end.

We have found the solution for you and for us, Modular SIP extensions.

1. We simply survey & provide you with a drawing & design pack.
2. Install the ground screw foundations
3. Install the SIP panels (floor, walls & roof)
4. Apply the finishes as per your specification.

We are in & out….. you’ll barely know we were there & you are left with a beautifully crafted new extension which has eliminated 50% of the mess, time, hassle & added 50% energy efficiency to your new space.

Why SIPs: (Structural Insulated Panels)

• SIP Panels have many uses, including internal and external walls, floors, and roof surfaces.

• Roof trusses can be eliminated, which allows living space beneath the roof.

• SIPs are structurally superior to traditional wood framing—stronger and less susceptible to shifting.

• SIP-constructed buildings are roughly 50 percent more energy efficient than those constructed with traditional framing.

• Equivalent U-values can be achieved with thinner walls.

Why Modular:

• By using our modular SIPs it reduces on site build time, saving our clients the stress & hassle of a building contractor being on site for weeks on end. We manufacture the complete product off site in our workshop enabling a better- quality control standard & eliminating any on site issues.

• Our clients are able to review their product in our workshop as their vision comes to life.

Ready to start a Project?

If you are thinking about working with us, please get in touch, we would love to discuss your upcoming project. We can help with design support and project budgeting if required. We pride ourselves on delivering the best outcome for each individual, there is no job too big or small. Our aim is to always have your vision in mind, every step of the way.