Dining Pods

Invest in a beautiful, bespoke dining pod that creates an exclusive experience for you or your customers.

Why do you need one of our dining pods?

Our dining pods are what makes the difference between using your garden, and enjoying your garden. The excitement that comes with having a unique space just outside your home is unbeatable, and is guaranteed to make your neighbours jealous! Whether you host numerous alfresco dining parties, or are desperately seeking a tailor-made home office, Highcraft’s dining pods are the perfect option for you.
Our dining pods are also fantastic for commercial use as well! They provide a private space and unique experience for your customers, which automatically makes them feel special. By offering the option of an exclusive dining pod, you immediately gain a competitive advantage and add value to your business. It’s a win-win as you’ll be making more sales, whilst your customers enjoy their time with you and make memories that will last.
Our pods are all made at our in-house workshop and are completely tailored to your wants and needs. Installation is super speedy and can be the same day, and we offer a 3-year guarantee. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with the ability to tailor our Bottomless Pods to their individual needs and requirements.

What Can Our Dining Pods be Used For?

– Bottomless Brunch
– Restaurant Seating
– Home Office
– Private Dining
– Alfresco Dining


– 180 Sliding Doors
– Heavy Duty, Durable Bearings
– Same Day Installation
– Adjustable Legs
– Fully Customisable


– Birch Ply Timber with a Slimline Profile
– Patent Glazing System for Efficient Weathering
– UV Protective Layer
– High Impact Resistance
– Fully Waterproof

Ready to start a Project?

If you are thinking about working with us, please get in touch, we would love to discuss your upcoming project. We can help with design support and project budgeting if required. We pride ourselves on delivering the best outcome for each individual, there is no job too big or small. Our aim is to always have your vision in mind, every step of the way.