The Brighton Journey – A Testament to Compact Luxury

The Journey:

Our adventure with the Brighton Kitchen and Bathroom Extension, another noteworthy addition to our Luxury Living Collection, commenced with a robust referral. With our detailed cost plans and clear build method, the HighCraft way was precisely what the client desired. We used this project as an opportunity to demonstrate that size doesn’t define quality; it’s all about how you use it.

Behind the Scenes:

We embarked on this journey with the aim of showcasing our promise of delivering eco-friendly, energy-efficient, fast-paced, and high-quality builds. The project’s scope included a rear extension, a bathroom extension, and a remodel of the existing property. Despite the project’s smaller scale compared to some of our other ventures, we committed ourselves to deliver the same level of quality and dedication.

Standing Ovation:

We brought the client’s vision to life, staying within budget and adhering to our fast-paced construction timeline. The end result was a testament to our commitment – an embodiment of luxury living in a beautifully extended kitchen and bathroom, coupled with a tastefully remodeled property that stands as proof of our promise.


As we close the chapter on the Brighton Kitchen and Bathroom Extension project, we reflect on the pleasure it was to bring this project to fruition. Size did not limit us; instead, we embraced it as an opportunity to showcase our unwavering mission to deliver quality, efficiency, and luxury. This project is more than just another accomplishment; it’s a testament to the HighCraft way.