Coppa Club Reimagined: The Igloo Revolution

The Journey:

Our voyage with Coppa Club commenced with a clear challenge – to redesign and enhance the existing Igloo’s that was not living up to the brand’s high standards. Our mission was not merely to rectify the issues but to reimagine the potential of the Igloo’s entirely. The commitment of our team was unwavering as they delved deep into the intricacies of the Igloo and turned challenges into opportunities for innovation.

Behind the Scenes:

The process of reengineering was an intricate ballet of creativity and technical precision. Every detail was scrutinised, every flaw addressed, and new enhancements were introduced to ensure superior quality and safety. The backstage was buzzing with dedicated professionals committed to transforming the Igloo’s from a concept into a tangible reality that would redefine the customer experience at Coppa Club.

Standing Ovation:

The unveiling of the new Igloo was met with resounding applause. It became an instant success at Coppa Club, aligning perfectly with their ethos of delivering excellence. The Igloo didn’t just meet expectations; it exceeded them, elevating the customer experience and adding immense value to the brand. Today, it stands as a testament to our stringent quality standards and passion for innovation.


In retrospect, our journey with Coppa Club has been a rewarding saga of overcoming challenges, innovating, and exceeding client expectations. We have successfully installed a substantial quantity of the improved Igloos across Coppa Club locations, each one a symbol of our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. As we take a bow, we look forward to continuing this partnership, ever ready for our next performance.