Newick Journey – A Showpiece in Luxury Living

The Journey:

Our voyage commenced with the Newick project, a shining gem in our Luxury Living Collection. This journey began when one of our esteemed clients referred us to the owners of the Newick property, who were in the tender process for their project. We made a visit to the site and engaged in detailed discussions with the client, walking them through our unique build process and the exceptional service level they could expect from us.

Behind the Scenes:

During the tender process, we prioritised transparency and clarity while respecting the client’s budget. Our comprehensive cost plans allowed the client to understand all the elements we accounted for, providing them with a clear picture of the build requirements. This approach ensured peace of mind for both parties and set the stage for a harmonious relationship right from the start. A few meetings later, we secured the deal and set the wheels in motion for the pre-construction stage.

All our builds are modular, meaning manufacturing is done offsite, a feature that greatly appealed to our client. With our eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and fast-paced construction methods, the client was convinced that our approach was the right fit for their project.

Standing Ovation:

Once on-site, the work scope included a double-storey and single-storey extension to the rear, along with a full-scale renovation and refurbishment of the rest of the property. This was our most complex and largest build to date, and we successfully delivered it on schedule and within budget. The standing ovation goes to our entire team, working tirelessly to keep the project on track and pulling our manufacturing partners and installation team together to create a masterpiece, a true testament to our quality and our promise from the outset.

Working hand-in-hand with the client, we brought their vision to life, the result being an outstanding addition to our Luxury Living Collection. The HighCraft Way, which allows clients to be a part of the design process, proved instrumental in achieving this feat.


As the curtain falls on this project, we look back with pride at what has been a remarkable journey. The Newick project stands as a testament to our commitment to quality, transparency, and client satisfaction. But don’t just take our word for it – hear it from the clients themselves. This project is not just another feather in our cap – it’s a crown jewel.