Raising the Bar: The Ivy Manchester’s Rooftop Masterpiece

Our journey with The Ivy Manchester began with a singular vision

To create an iconic rooftop bar that would become the centrepiece of this prestigious establishment. We were bestowed with the privilege of manufacturing and installing this masterpiece, working in harmony with the main contractor who had done a remarkable job of orchestrating the overall fit-out.

The Process:

The project commenced with the designers presenting us with their innovative concept. Our task was to translate this vision into tangible manufacturing drawings for client approval. Once we got the green light, the real work began.

Craftsmanship at Work:

The bar’s production took place in our in-house workshop, where meticulous attention to detail was paramount. Every material was handpicked to echo the high standards that The Ivy brand commands. It was a symphony of artistry and craftsmanship, with each element carefully crafted to bring the concept to life.

The Grand Reveal:

The result was a bar that not only met but exceeded expectations. Delivered on schedule and installed seamlessly, it became the crowning glory of the rooftop fit-out. The finished piece was a testament to our commitment to quality and precision, living up to the Ivy’s esteemed reputation.

In Retrospect:

This project stands as a shining example of our capacity to deliver high-end, bespoke installations that align with our clients’ vision and brand ethos. As we look back, we take pride in having contributed to the elegance and allure of The Ivy Manchester, leaving an indelible mark on one of the city’s most celebrated venues.